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"As a started my new business, the first thing I did was file for the name. The second thing I did was have Holly create the visual brand. When the final proof came over I got a little misty eyed. This second business of mine has been a dream in the works for a while, so to finally see it come together was wonderful! Holly did an amazing job listening to what I wanted, pulling inspiration from my ideas, and bring it all to life!"

—tiffany jackson, wedding planner

"My website was outdated and difficult to navigate. It wasn’t aesthetically pleasing or organized. During our initial consultation, we really connected and I felt like Holly understood me as a business owner and where I wanted my website to go. The end result was WAY better than I could have ever imagined and I loved Holly's patience with my lack of tech skills. If you're looking for a new website design, make sure you hire Holly!"

—angela williams, photographer


“Before working with Holly, my brand made me feel sad because it lacked personality. I knew custom branding would make a HUGE difference. Making it a priority in the middle of a startup was hard - but worth it. After working with Holly, my new brand now has a personality that represents me well. Holly's design eye and project management skills make building a stellar brand a headache free experience.”

—amber beam, career coach


"I was a little hesitant because I wasn't sure if a website designer could really make my website show my personality. Holly gave me a website I absolutely love! I feel like it truly represents me and lets my work shine. I can't help but smile every time I look at it! My colleagues rave about my website! Holly was so sweet to work with. It's like she was able to read my mind and make my website look exactly like I wanted!"

—victoria elizabeth, photographer

"I worried that I wouldn't find a designer who would be a perfect fit to translate my voice into my brand. After working with Holly, I truly feel this sense of cohesiveness in my brand, personality, and taste. It has absolutely built my confidence! I honestly cannot say enough about how incredible my experience was in working with Holly! She accomplished all of my design goals to a T! Best decision I've made in my business to date."

—leander matos, wedding planner

"I worried about spending a lot of money on branding and ending up not happy with the outcome. I decided to work with Holly after seeing her genuine love for design and helping people. She captured my vision beautifully and now my brand truly represents me. I never could have produced anything close to what Holly did for me. I finally feel like a confident + legitimate blogger! I definitely think it's money well invested."

—rachel stutts, lifestyle blogger

"I had reservations about spending money on something that I can 'technically' do myself. But Holly's skill level stretches WAY beyond mine. Holly is patient, smart, and talented. She hit dead on what I wanted in the first draft! Not only did Holly help me overhaul my branding, she helped me name my new company. I couldn't have moved my business forward without her. My clients love the new brand and I’m SO excited for the future!"

—mandi holmes, virtual assistant


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