How to Get Your First Client

You just launched your new design business and all you hear are crickets. The only design projects you’ve received so far are your mom’s garden blog and your college roommate’s birthday invitation.

You’re beginning to wonder if anyone else besides your family and close friends will ever land on your website and book your design services.

In this video I share my top tips on how to increase your brand presence and get your first client

In summary:

1. Reach out to your current contacts. 

Compile a contact list of as many people as you can (i.e. former professors, colleagues, Facebook friends, LinkedIn connections, etc), and email them about your business and the services you offer. These contacts might not be able to use your services right now, but they may know someone else who does.

2. Network.

Meet new people. This can be scary, especially if you’re an introvert like me. Start small with a local event. If you need to, bring a friend along with you. Meet other businesses in your area who can use your services. As you get more comfortable, attend a conference out of town.

3. Use social media to its fullest potential.

Join Facebook Groups your ideal clients are active in. Use hashtags on Instagram that your ideal clients are following. And don’t forget to post your work on all the socials. It can be tempting to post a photo of your fur baby every single day, but your audience needs to visually see what it is that you can provide. You need to constantly show and tell your audience know how they can work with you.

By following these steps with dedication and persistence, in no time your calendar will be packed full with client projects!

I want to hear from you! What is your biggest struggle when it comes to finding new clients? Tell me about it in the comments below! Together, we can brainstorm more opportunities for you to book your next design project.


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