Why You Need to Stop Using Premade Logos

A while back I had dreams of opening up a digital design shop that sold gorgeous premade logos. Hello, passive income! I even had the cutest shop name picked out and mocked up a few layouts. That is, until I realized I was undervaluing myself as a designer as well as my potential clients. Premade logos are a great idea in theory, but essentially they’re a quick fix solution to a problem that really requires strategic planning from a professional designer.

Are you guilty of using a premade logo? Please don’t feel ashamed! I get it, you’re strapped for money and you’re eager to grow your biz. Continue reading for a few things to consider if you're already using a premade logo or if you're thinking of purchasing one.

  1. A premade logo was designed with somebody else in mind. Perhaps the designer intended the logo to be used by a lifestyle coach, but you’re a wedding photographer. Sure, the logo is beautiful but is it really YOU?
  2. Your audience has the potential to recognize your logo as the same one used by another business, which hinders your credibility and gives off the impression that you aren’t serious about investing in yourself.
  3. If everyone begins to look the same, no one is going to stand out. With today’s digital noise, you need branding that sets you apart from the crowd and brings in some moolah!


  1. When you work with a professional designer, you receive one-on-one interaction. Your designer will ask personal questions about you, your business, your dream clients and your objectives to strategize an effective approach.
  2. You’ll get more bang for your buck because your branding will last for years to come. Your designer will understand you and your business so intimately that you’ll be so in love with your branding and won’t have to redesign year after year.
  3. Your branding will be truly unique as your professional designer handcrafts a logo and collateral that captures your heart and voice.

I know starting a business can be tight on your budget and a premade logo may be your only option. The only time I recommend purchasing a premade logo is if you’re able to obtain exclusive rights, meaning no one else is allowed to use that same logo.

If you’re thinking about rebranding, drop me a note! I’m available for Roar Sessions, one-on-one personal brand coaching to help you gain clarity about your business. The Brand Transformation is my signature package where I collaborate with creative entrepreneurs to tell their story in a visual way that attracts their ideal client and grows their business.

How does your branding make you feel? How has it affected your business? Let me know in the comments below!

BrandingHolly Meyer