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The moment I started Holly Meyer Design I desired for it to be bigger than me—to be a vessel for good beyond design. Around that same time, I attended a local event where I watched a documentary about the trafficking of women and I suddenly became convicted. How could I continue living a normal + comfortable life knowing there are women and girls suffering at the hands of others? 

“Girls are forced or deceived (often with promises of money and marriage) to leave their homes, sold, raped, tortured, and imprisoned. Those who do not succumb to disease or violence are seen as outcasts and rejected by their own communities even if they manage to escape.” -Love Justice International


After the event, I received a “One Girl” bracelet and the name of an at-risk girl. One Girl is a prayer initiative lead by Love Justice International. When you see the bracelet on your wrist, you are reminded to pray for the safety of an at-risk girl located in Nepal
or Bangladesh.

“An estimated 30,000 people are trafficked into India from Nepal and Bangladesh every year – with the average age being 15.”

It wasn’t until a while later when everything “clicked” and I realized that a simple and practical way I can help these young women and girls, beyond prayer, is by donating a portion of Holly Meyer Design's profit and partnering with an organization like Love Justice International.

“10,502 Total Interceptions Since 2009.”

My wish is for every women and girl to live a life of freedom. Through design and consulting, I help my clients feel confident + secure in their brand. And when you work with me, together we’re able to contribute to the rescuing + protection of women and children from slavery.

10% of HMD’s Profit is Donated to
Love Justice International Each Month


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