How to Make Your Brand More Visible Online

Does this sound familiar? You feel stuck in your business. You know what you have to offer is valuable, but you have no idea how to get it SEEN by your dream client/reader/customer. You admire your colleagues in the industry, but you’re a little green with envy because their social following keeps skyrocketing and everyone seems to be clamoring at their feet. You want to grow your business, but you’ve done everything imaginable and you’re still not seeing any results.

Are you making the most of your online presence? Before you throw in the towel, read the following tips and find ways to implement them into your business.

  1. Create unique blog content and promote on social media.
    You might already have a blog, but are you regularly pinning and tweeting your content? If not, get on it! Make sure your graphics are optimized for each social media network you are using. Did you know that the best pinnable images are vertical? You’re also more likely to see engagement on Twitter when your tweets have images attached.

  2. Share your colleague’s content on social media.
    This might make you feel uncomfortable. You’re probably asking yourself why you would even think to share your colleague’s content… wouldn’t that draw attention away from you? Quite the contrary. When you share your colleague’s content, they’re likely to retweet or at least send you a reply. This can open dialogue and build a friendship over time. When your colleague is booked, they’ll refer work to you since you’re at the top of their mind. There might even be opportunities for future collaborations!
  3. Become active in Facebook groups.
    There are plenty of free Facebook groups for every industry imaginable. Start small with a handful of groups so you can get to know fellow members more intimately. Be sure to introduce yourself to the group and give more value than you get. There are may groups that post weekly prompts like blog link-ups, Follow Fridays and collaboration opportunities. 
  4. Participate in Twitter chats.
    Much like #3, there are lots of great Twitter chats out there. Find one or two that relates to your industry and show up every week. Make sure you reply to other participants’ tweets to develop new relationships. Occasionally, others in the chat will retweet your comment which increases your tweet’s reach.
  5. Provide freebies through your email list.
    If you don’t already have an email newsletter, what are you waiting for? Even if you just send out an email once a month, you’re engaging with your list more than you would without a newsletter! Take your emails to the next level by offering free worksheets and checklists. Your list will forever be grateful and they’ll remain fiercely loyal!


What are you currently doing to make the most of your online presence? What are you going to implement to increase brand visibility? Let me know in the comment section below!

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