What You Need For a Strong Brand

You may have heard the phrase “brand elements” before, but what does that actually mean?

When you hear the word “elements” you probably shudder with flashbacks from having to memorize the dreaded periodic table in high school chemistry class. (Just me?)

Well don’t worry, because brand elements are way less stress-inducing!

In this video, I’ll be talking all about brand elements and what you need for a strong visual brand.

What are the elements you need for a strong visual brand?

in summary:

1. A recognizable brand name.
It can be your personal name, a made up name or a name that relates to what you do. Whatever your brand name is, make sure it’s easy to pronounce, easy to spell and that it’s concise.

2. Brand personality.
In order to set yourself apart from other brands in your industry, you need to bring personality into your brand. People buy from people and people buy with their emotion. When your audience feels strongly connected to you, they are more likely to buy from you over those other brands in your industry.

3. An aesthetically pleasing logo.
Having an attractive logo is the best way to immediately build trust with your audience.  Your audience is going to trust you much more when you have a polished and professional visual logo and not one that looks like it was created by an amateur or hobbyist.

4. Harmonious colors.
Same deal as #3, your color palette needs to be aesthetically pleasing. That means, no harsh colors on the eyes and make sure your colors actually go well together. You can use 2-3 dominant colors for your palette with a couple of accent colors if needed, but the more concise your color palette is the stronger it will be for your brand.

5. Well-suited typography.
You want to make sure that your brand typography reflects your brand personality. If your personality is bold and fun then the more classic and traditional fonts aren’t going to reflect that in your brand visuals. And vice versa. Make sure that you don’t use more than two or three different font styles otherwise your brand will look chaotic and unorganized. And the goal here is to have a refined brand!

6. Cohesive supporting graphics.
The more cohesive your brand visuals are, the stronger your brand will be. This means no matter what content you create, whether it’s web graphics or social media graphics or marketing materials you need to continue using the brand elements we just went over like a good use of colors, appropriate typography and so on and so forth.

Now, I want to hear from you! Which brand element resonates the most with you? 

Leave a comment below and let me know!

BrandingHolly Meyer