How to Choose the Right Fonts For Your Brand

My life took an entirely different course the day my dad brought home our family’s first computer. I was about seven years old. When I wasn’t playing Ski, Solitaire or building my virtual aquarium... I would absolutely lose myself thumbing through different fonts and creating various greeting cards, posters and calendars to hang on my bedroom walls or hand out to family members. (Back then there were only about 20 different fonts available… so you can imagine how difficult my job is today!)

Years later, I became a big girl (or so they say) and took my first typography class in design school. My professor made us draw the complete alphabet by hand in the style of Garamond. As tedious as that assignment was, I realized there is a lot more to fonts than just looking really cool. Also, there are quite a few notes to consider when selecting a certain font, or fonts, for your brand.

Watch the video below for my tips on choosing the best fonts for your brand.

What do you need to know about using brand fonts?

Before selecting fonts for your brand, or if you’re considering a rebrand… Keep these tips in mind:

1. Pay attention to your font’s traits.

Much like I discussed with brand colors in this post, your brand fonts can reinforce your brand personality. Most fonts can be classified into one of four main groups: serif, sans serif, script and display. Each group has different characteristics. Check out the chart below to read more!

2. Don’t use more than three fonts together.

Stick to no more than two to three different fonts for your brand. Anything more runs the risk of your brand looking chaotic and unorganized. Nobody wants that!

3. Make sure your fonts are legible.

Make sure each font is easy to read. Think about your audience. They may have difficulty reading smaller fonts. If so, adjust the size accordingly or select a different font style. If you’re unsure whether or not your fonts are easy to read, ask a friend!

Got all of that? Good! Now, it’s time for some homework.

It’s not like regular homework, it’s cool homework!

If you don’t already have a font palette narrowed down for your brand, I want you to spend the next 10 minutes selecting two to three of your favorite font groups. Think about how they reinforce your brand’s personality traits. (Need help figuring out your brand’s personality traits? Read this.)

If you already have a font palette, perfect! I want you to spend the next few minutes looking over the chart below to see if your fonts align with your brand personality.

Once you’re done, drop a comment below and let us know what your brand fonts mean to you!

BrandingHolly Meyer