How to Attract Your Dream Client

Your business has hit a plateau. Now what? One of the biggest questions of any creative entrepreneur is how to attract dream clients. Here are several tips to make your business contagiously sweet as honey.

  • Define your dream client. What does she like? What does she wear? What music does she listen to? Name your dream client and create a backstory for her. 
  • Speak their language. Every time you create content, pretend you are speaking directly to your dream client. This is where the first tip comes in handy.
  • Create value. What is your dream client's pain points? Compose content that solves her problems.
  • Collaborate. Work with colleagues who compliment your talents. Tap into each other's audience.
  • Engage. Build relationships with your dream clients by conversing with them on social media. As your relationship grows, invite them to partake in your offerings.

Remember, growing your audience takes time. Don't get caught up in the numbers. Your audience grows one by one. Stay consistent and watch your audience flourish before your eyes!

BrandingHolly Meyer