How to Build a Brand on Facebook

Everyone’s on Facebook these days and you’re feeling the peer pressure that you need to be on there too. But keeping your Facebook business page updated feels more like a chore, and you haven’t had much luck getting clients either.

You may be asking yourself, “Is Facebook really all it’s cracked up to be? Should I bother using Facebook for my business?" The short answer? Yes!

In the video below I share my top three tips for how to build a brand on Facebook.

In summary:

1. Facebook Groups are a way to virtually network. 
There are dozens, possibly even hundreds and thousands of Facebook Groups targeted to creative entrepreneurship and just about every business niche under the sun.

You can join Facebook Groups to meet potential clients and even your new business besties. A few of my most favorite Facebook Groups have been Savvy Business Owners, Heart Centered Biz Bosses and The Rising Tide Society. There are tons of other groups too! 

You can also host your own Facebook Group to build your authority and get to know your audience on a more intimate level. Which is a great segue into my personal Facebook Group, The Brand Your Roar Tribe.

2. Your Facebook Page drives traffic to your website. 
When you’re inside Facebook Groups, you’re posting comments from your personal Facebook profile. So, when you have a Facebook Page for your brand, you’re able to link that page as your profession in your personal profile. 

Whenever any fellow member of a Facebook Group clicks through to your personal profile, they’ll be able to see your title as Owner of "So and So Business", click through to your business Facebook page and on to your website. 

But you have to make sure your profession is public so people who aren’t your Facebook friends are still able to jump over to your page from your profile. With a business Facebook Page you also have access to Facebook Ads Manager, which allows you to create targeted ads to reach your specific audience.

3. Facebook Live gives a heartbeat to your brand. 
Video for business these days is blowing up. Why not use a free marketing tool like Facebook Live for your brand? Do you remember Chewbacca Mom? Facebook Live changed her life! Using Facebook Live could be a game changer for your business as well.

I know how scary live broadcasting can be, so if you have a private Facebook Group that would be an excellent place to start. And as you get more comfortable, you can broadcast live on your business Facebook page to reach a wider audience.

With these three tips, there are absolutely zero excuses why you can’t or shouldn’t build a brand on Facebook.

Now, I want to hear from you! What is your biggest question when it comes to building a brand on Facebook? Tell me all about it in the comments below! I’d love to learn how I can support you as you grow your brand’s social media presence.

Branding, SocialHolly Meyer