How to Build a Brand on Twitter

You feel like you have a good understanding of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. But when it comes to using Twitter for your brand you feel pretty clueless.

You’re not sure what content you actually need to be sharing on Twitter to reach your ideal audience and you want to make sure that you’ll see a decent return on your marketing efforts before you waste all your time.

The big question you’re wondering is, should I be using Twitter for my brand? I say yes! 

And hear me out! In the video below I’ll be sharing my top tips for how to build a brand on Twitter.

In Summary:

1. Think of your Twitter Cover Photo as prime real estate
When a visitor goes to your Twitter profile, your cover photo is going to be the first thing they see on the screen since it’s at the top of the page.

Use this space to showcase your logo, your tagline, your website – anything to show the visitor at first glance who you are, what you’re about and what they can expect from you on Twitter.

2. Use your Twitter Bio to your advantage. 
Your Twitter Bio is going to be the next thing visitors see on your profile. This appears below the cover photo and your profile photo. I like to use this space as a call to action.

You can use this space to drive traffic to your free-opt in, digital product or any sort of new launch you just released. When you place a link in your bio, Twitter creates a hyperlink so your visitors can click on the link and go wherever it is you want to send them.

3. Don’t underestimate the power of a pinned tweet.
On any of your tweets, you can click on the downward arrow in the upper right corner and click “Pin to your profile page.” Now, whenever a visitor lands on your Twitter profile, the first tweet they will see from you will be your pinned post.

This is another great opportunity for you to drive traffic to a free opt-in to build your email list or maybe there’s a specific blog post you want everyone to read or a service that you want to tell your audience about.

At one point I pinned a tweet promoting my Facebook Group and had new members join the group because they saw the pinned tweet!

4. Get to know other business owners through Twitter Chats. 
Twitter Chats are an hour-long community event hosted by a Twitter user. During a chat, the host will ask 6-8 questions that relate to a specific topic. The community can find and respond to everyone’s tweets through a specific hashtag.

This has been the best way I’ve been able to build relationships on Twitter. You never know what kind of friendship or collaboration opportunity could stem from your participation!

Now, I want to hear from you!

What is your biggest question when it comes to building your brand on Twitter? Tell me all about it in the comments below! I’d love to know how I can support you as you grow your brand’s social media presence.

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