How to Style Your Desk With Intention

What does your office space look like? Is it cluttered and dark or organized and bright? Your office environment can have a direct reflection on your mood. Investing in a desk and styling it to fit your personal style is a great way to stay motivated when you're hard at work. Especially if you work from home!

When I first started out, I worked from my dining room table with my paperwork strewn about. Eventually I became tired of not feeling inspired so I purchased a desk and transitioned my office to my bedroom in my small apartment that I shared with a roommate. Having an office in my bedroom was not an ideal situation, but I found that when I began to style my desk with items that spoke to my heart my work and mood began to flourish.

Styling your desk is not about vanity. When I first started out I experienced a lot of anxiety whenever I scrolled through Instagram and saw everyone's perfectly styled desks filled with Kate Spade. Everything was so beautiful. And expensive! I realized that I was comparing myself to others who had fancier desks than I did. Since then, I've made it a mission to style my desk with intention and only use items that had direct meaning to my personal brand. 

If your workspace leaves you feeling down in the dumps, it's never too late to start curating your desk accessories! Before you begin shopping, it's good to have an understanding of your personal style.


Pin anything and everything that draws your attention. After you've pinned some items, review your board to see any overarching themes in your style. Do you love bright neon colors or do you prefer a soft romantic look? Having a mood board will guide you as you shop for accessories.


Ask family and friends to contribute to your desk collection for birthdays and holidays. Rummage around your house to see what you can repurpose. I found an old table lamp at my parent's house that wasn't being used. A $4 can of gold spray paint and a brand new lampshade turned the aged treasure into a glamorous desk companion.


Here's a list of stores I like to peruse from time to time (in no particular order):

Ample seating is another factor to take into consideration. Even though I felt joyful every time I sat at my desk, I found that my chair was causing discomfort. I purchased a lumbar pillow and have noticed a world of difference! Now my desk situation is almost too comfy to leave.

Where do you purchase desk accessories? I want to see your workspace! Snap a photo and share in the comments below. I can't wait to see!

DesignHolly Meyer