The Top Ingredients in the Recipe of Branding

You hear the word "branding" used left and right, but are you confused on what branding actually means? Contrary to what you may believe, branding is NOT just a beautiful logo. And with the growing rate of brand experts, brand strategists, brand coaches, brand consultants, and brand designers the water can quickly become muddy.

So, what exactly is branding? In this video I’m setting the record straight with my brand building basics.

In Summary:

Your brand encompasses what people can expect from you, your service and/or product. While brand strategy, brand consulting, brand coaching and brand design are all individually important, each component comes together to make up your entire brand.

You may have a pixel-perfect logo, social media graphics and newsletter templates, but if you don’t have any brand strategy in place your business won’t be sustainable for much longer.

And vice versa. You can have all the right action steps in place, but if your visual design isn’t polished and refined your audience isn’t going to trust you as much as the other competing brand in your industry. 

By including all of these ingredients, your brand will rise to the top of your industry.

I want to hear from you! What is your biggest struggle when it comes to growing your brand? Tell me all about in the comments below! I’d love to learn how I can support you as you up level your business.

BrandingHolly Meyer