How to Make Potential Clients Fall in Love With Your Brand


We were made for each other, he and I. Once I walked down the hallway and his green eyes locked with mine, it was like one of those scenes in the movies where we each ran towards each other in slow motion with wind blowing through our hair. It was love at first sight! Fate clearly united us that day and I knew we were meant to live our lives together. 

Whoever doesn’t believe in a love like this has clearly never adopted an animal. (Seriously… who did you think I was talking about?!)

While I wish I could have taken every one of the animals at the shelter home with me that day, there could only be one… (Post grad budget here!) But why did I choose Brandon, formerly known as Blueberry Bubblegum, out of all the others? For the same reasons your potential clients are going to choose to work with you or buy your products over anyone else!

Since Brandon doesn’t have opposable thumbs or a human voice to tell you what worked for him, he’s enlisted me to speak on his behalf. (Thanks, B!)

Brandon's first night home.

Be yourself.

Embrace your individuality. It can be easy to follow the trends of other business owners (or do the same exact thing as all the other felines) but the brands that stand out the most are the ones that are full of personality and blaze their own trail. As they say, there’s a lid to every pot. Whether you’re bubbly or soft spoken or any adjective in between, you have a tribe that can benefit from what it is that only you offer.

Make yourself known.

You know you have a tremendous amount of value to provide, but you have to let the world know what it is you’re here for! Your clients aren’t just going to stumble upon your brand without a little guidance. Sure, it was fate that lead me to the animal shelter that day but it was Brandon’s vocal meow and playful nature that attracted me to him. Show up and speak up—your people will be drawn to you!

Stay at the top of their mind.

Know that your clients aren’t going to find you overnight—it takes dedication and consistency. It’s likely going to take multiple times of you getting in front of your tribe before they end up inquiring or booking one of your services. Even though Brandon already grabbed my attention, I walked up and down the hallway in the shelter a couple of times before I made my final decision. When you have a memorable brand that’s easily recognizable you’re going to be the first one your tribe thinks of when they need what it is you provide. And you’ll be the first person they refer to when one of their friends is looking for your kind of service.

Do you need help creating a brand that people will remember? Watch my YouTube video below where I share three tips you can implement right away!

Nearly six years later, B and I are still going strong and we’ve since added a couple of other felines to our squad. Have faith, keep doing the work, and you'll be well on your way to uniting with your dreamiest clients.

So let's hear it! Do you know if your brand is currently making your dream clients fall in love with you? Tell me in the comments below!