Behind the Scenes: My Creative Process

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a boutique graphic design studio? I love seeing behind the scenes of how a business runs. That's probably why The Profit is one of my favorite shows. Today I'm sharing a peek into my creative process.

  • Inspiration. The first step to any project is research. What are my client's objectives? Who is their target audience? What problem needs to be solved? During this part of the process I uncover the answers to questions that are critical in producing a successful project. I uncover inspiration in my client's homework answers and in their Pinterest inspiration board. Here I'll draw ideas for style, color palettes and font types.
  • Sketch. Next, I take the materials found during the research/inspiration phase and apply the information to sketches. This is where the visuals start to come to life. Many different iterations are developed to ensure all possible ideas are explored.
  • Refine. After the sketching phase, I take the concepts to the computer. In this step I refine my ideas and tweak the concepts as needed. I'll try a few different font variations and color studies.
  • Collaborate. The next step is presenting concepts to the client. I love for all of my projects to be collaborative in nature, and I involve my client in the process. After all, the project is a reflection of my client, not myself. I'd rather deliver something my client loves and feels a part of rather than handing off a project that doesn't feel authentic to my client.
  • Celebrate. After all that hard work, it's time to celebrate! I love seeing how my clients use their new materials to grow their business. I get so much joy from helping creative entrepreneurs translate their heart into branding and web design.

    The one fiber throughout every step is purpose. Every decision has a specific meaning behind it, and it all comes back to the client. To the outside person, branding and web design may seem like a simple process of picking fun fonts and colors, but there is a lot of thought that goes into every step.

Your turn! What does your creative process look like? Let me know in the comments below!

DesignHolly Meyer