How to Choose Colors for Your Brand

One of the most tedious art projects I was tasked with in design school required me to mix paint onto a million paint swatches in various different colors. Okay, so there were approximately 200 different swatches… but by the end of the project, I never wanted to see another paint brush or palette ever again!

It wasn’t until years later that I finally found appreciation for that particular project, and the Color Theory class in general, because it has given me an excellent foundation for helping my clients use colors that truly reflect their heart and personality in custom brand and web designs.

Watch the video below where I share how to choose colors for your brand!

Why does selecting the right brand colors matter?

Choosing your brand colors is not as easy as “picking a few pretty colors.” Colors can make or break your brand. The psychology of the colors you select can reinforce your brand mission, or hurt your brand entirely. Also, the right color selection can help you stand out in a saturated industry. In a world of “black, gold and hot pink” brands, the brands that use the lesser-used colors can be refreshing to potential customers, clients and loyal fans.

How do you select the right colors for your brand?

If you’re stuck trying to determine which colors to use for your brand, consider the following...

1. Determine your brand personality traits.

Select your top three brand personality traits. Need help? Refer to this post. Use your brand personality traits to select colors that correlate.

2. Look around your environment.

What colors are you already drawn to? Look at your favorite outfits in your closet. Observe your home and office decor. Take note of any common threads throughout.

3. Research your industry.

What colors are your peers and competitors using? Think about how can you use color differently to make your brand as unique as possible.

Did you know that each color has positive and negative attributes? Check out the chart below for the meaning behind some of the most used colors in brand design.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

If you don’t already have a color palette narrowed down for your brand, I want you to spend the next 10 minutes selecting three-five of your favorite colors. Think about how the theory behind those colors reflect your brand’s personality traits.

If you already have a color palette, perfect! I want you to spend the next few minutes looking over this chart to see if your brand colors align with your brand personality.

Share your results in the comments below!

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